Swanny’s World of Sport - An identity crisis in English sport

How long before Crocodile Dundee''becomes England swimming coach?
How long before Crocodile Dundee''becomes England swimming coach?
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There should be a law against national sporting teams hiring foreign coaches. I find it distressing that England’s cricket and rugby union teams are now in the hands of Australians.

It can only be a matter of time before Harry Kewell takes charge of the English football team and Crocodile Dundee is appointed England swimming coach.

There are roughly 40 million more English people than Australians in the world. Are we certain that not one them is capable of running our cricket or rugby teams?

International sport should be about finding the best people from your country to perform whether it be to play or to coach.

If that means you end up with a dunderhead like Roy Hodgson in charge then tough. You should work on improving standards rather than splashing hundreds of thousands on foreign mercenaries motivated by pound signs rather than national pride.

England’s utterly useless rugby union chief executive Ian Ritchie has apparently handed Aussie coach Eddie Jones a contract close to £500k per year. The plan presumably is that Jones is motivated by huge financial carrots rather than a desire to see England succeed.

How very sad.

Naturally as English rugby is led by unimaginative donkeys, Jones, an Australian import, will still not be allowed to select real Englishmen who prefer to play their trade professionally abroad.

Jones’ arrival smacks of Ritchie deflecting attention away from his own part in a disastrous World Cup. He skilfully avoided an inquiry into his own bone-headed decisions even though he stated before the competition that thebuck would stop with him should England fail.

There are successful English coaches in England’s rugby union Premiership competition like and Mike Ford at Bath.

What a slap in the face for them, although not having to report to some-one with Ritchie’s limited rugby knowledge is probably a blessing.

Unsurprisingly New Zealand have never employed a rugby union coach from overseas. Australia had one, but relied on one of their own to reach the recent World Cup Final.

The All Blacks would conder it a national insult if they hired a coach from another country.

And could you imagine the furore Down Under if Australia’s cricket team employed some-one like Michael Vaughan. I’m amazed the Aussies let posh-voiced Mark Nicholas commentate on their matches.

Ritchie and co only had to look at English football to discover the problems that come with coaches from abroad.

Sven Goran Eriksson achieved a few more notches on his bedpost, but little else, while Fabio Capello was so impressed with his £6 million a year contract he couldn’t even be bothered to learn the language.

They’d have been better off hiring Sam Allardyce.