Swanny’s World of Sport: A terrible result for boxing

New world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.
New world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.
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What an embarrassing spectacle Tyson Fury and Vladimir Klitschko delivered in their world heavyweight title fight.

At least Klitschko had an excuse as he approaches his 40th birthday, but Fury’s success should be feared by those who love the sport, and not just because he’s an ordinary plodder who’s taken clever advantage of the dearth of talent at this level.

Fury has personal views (google his comments on homosexuality) that are quite frankly disgusting and his success at the weekend means we are destined to hear more from him. Being World Champion will widen the opportunity to spread his bile.

Let us all hope that Anthony Joshua or Deontey Wilder get a quick opportunity to put a fist in Fury’s mouth snd shut him up for ever.