Speaker’s Corner: Education will be a top priority

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Speaker's Corner columnists - Peterborough Telegraph - peterboroughtoday.co.uk/opinion, @peterboroughtel on Twitter, Facebook.com/peterboroughtoday
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Peterborough’s Primary schools have currently received a damning report from the Department of Education, slipping to very near the bottom of the league table for reading, writing and arithmetic.

Because of this report, I have recently been speaking to quite a few young mothers who have children at primary school in order to ascertain their views.

They feel this is not the fault of the teachers or the schools in Peterborough, their main worry is that their children are being taught in schools where there are a lot of pupils who cannot speak, read or write English very well. They are concerned about the time and devotion that teachers have to give to individual pupils in order to address the language barrier; precious time that should be spent on learning.

As we all know, Peterborough more than any other town in Britain, has had a massive influx of immigrants and their children attend our schools.

This must have an impact on British children receiving an education, it must put an enormous strain and burden onto all the schools in Peterborough and it is not surprising that British children are falling behind in the most basic of education – the three ‘R’s.

We currently need a better education system for a better Britain and under UKIP education would be a top priority.

We would start by having a grammar school in every town.

The point of entry would be different than in the past, making it achievable for talented, clever, children to receive the very best education at secondary school level.

UKIP would ensure that there is only one exam board for GCSEs and one for ‘A’ Levels offering one course for the relevant subject.

This will end the option that schools have of choosing the easiest syllabus available.

We recognize that every child is different, and the one-size fits all policy does not work.

Some children are good at academia, and some with their hands.

UKIP will introduce an Apprenticeship Qualification Option to take the place of 4 GCSEs and be carried on to A-Level.

We will not shut Special Schools and we will reverse this current trend and re-instate those that Mr Cameron has closed.

At a higher level, UKIP will abolish the target of 50% of school leavers going to University.

We will encourage firms to take on apprentices and have technical colleges for those who wish to pursue other career paths.

UKIP will scrap tuition fees for able students pursuing courses in the sciences, technology, maths, engineering and medicine.

And finally, we will start charging the 70,000 university students from the European Union the same amount in tuition fees as we currently charge foreign students from non- EU countries, raising £600 million a year.

It is important that we bring back a competitive spirit back into our schools, we want to teach all our children, British and immigrants alike, to love Britain, have a pride in Britain and uphold all its values and traditions.

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