Speaker’s Corner: Developing arts for young people in Peterborough

The Young Producers event at Peterborough's Key Theatre in December. Photo supplied
The Young Producers event at Peterborough's Key Theatre in December. Photo supplied
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Last month the Key Theatre hosted the first meeting of the Young Producers’ Network; a group brought together to develop arts events for young people in Peterborough.

Their first project is to programme and promote a two day takeover of the Key Theatre for the weekend of February 7 and 8.

The Young Producers’ Network forms part of Peterborough Presents…, a three year initiative to develop arts activities within the city.

The Network is for 16-25 year olds who are interested in working in the creative sector. With support from the Peterborough Presents… team, the network will work together to develop arts activities for their own age group.

Peterborough Presents… is all about collaboration. We could have simply programmed events that we think 16-25 year olds want to attend but it is much more valuable to let the intended audience decide.

We’ve instigated the network but how it develops and grows will be completely up to its members.

I’m looking for their ideas to become reality.

For their two-day takeover of the Key Theatre next month the network have been given access to the whole building which includes two theatre spaces, three rehearsal studios, ten dressing rooms and a large bar area.

Heading up the network are the Young Producers’ trainees; three local young artists who are undertaking a six month training programme that will enable them to build a career in the city’s growing arts sector.

They are visual artist Michaela D’Agati (24) , spoken word artist Charley Genever (22) and actor and theatre practitioner Elizabeth Watts (25).

More than 20 young people attended two sessions on December 12 and 13 where they had a tour of the building, and then worked with event co-ordinator Emma Ghafur to map out their ideas and start to plan the programme for the takeover weekend.

Their ideas included a circus themed freakshow and a battle of the bands, alongside theatre workshops and arts installations.

The final programme will be confirmed at their next meetings tomorrow and Sunday,

If anyone would like to know more or to get involved, contact me at Josie.hickin@vivacity-peterborough.com or call 01733 864529.

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