Running Peterborough’s finances with ‘common sense’

“What do you think of the city council?”

Saturday, 30th March 2019, 11:55 am
Darrell Goodliffe

“Well they could spend their money a bit more wisely.”

I agree. This conversation took place between me and a voter in Longthorpe, writes Darrell Goodliffe, UKIP candidate For West ward.

Previously, at the Full Council meeting where I asked a question regarding the missing Empower millions I had heard Councillor David Seaton raise the specter of possible bankruptcy, and also Councillor Shaz Nawaz predicting a ”dark future” for the city.

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He is entirely correct to do so - what is the plan when there are no more assets left to sell? The simple answer is there is none.

Councillor Seaton can pontificate all he likes but over the span of years millions upon millions have been wasted on half-baked and fanciful schemes as the government grant has withered on the vine.

The missing Empower millions are the latest example of shocking and reckless profligacy from a so-called Conservative administration which has for too long been unchallenged and is punch drunk on too much power.

If the Conservatives are left in charge at the Town Hall then this city will continue to circle the drain until inevitably one day there will be nothing left.

So, what of Labour? Councillor Nawaz’s proposals have much merit in principle, they aim to keep investment local and establish a virtuous fiscal circle by doing so. Having said that, a single sheet of A4 isn’t good enough, so A for effort but a clear F overall.

However, they do represent a reasonable start and they do represent at least the seeds of a better future than the one offered by the Conservatives. My question to people reading this is simple, can you truly trust the people who got us in this mess to get us out of it?

UKIP believes in common sense when it comes to running the city’s finances and I am not a believer in spending our way out of trouble with borrowed money, so tax hikes are out of the question. Economies must be found to find the money for investment in our shared future, so we will not allow Labour to make you pay for the Conservatives mess.

I am standing in West ward because I dearly want to represent the ward and serve the residents in it, but beyond that I want a different future for the city where I live and where I was born.