Rage is all the rage for Peterborians

A while back I was taken by a comment in a report by Nene Park bosses which mentioned the increasing number of flashpoints between cyclists and pedestrians around Ferry Meadows.

Friday, 6th April 2018, 4:15 pm
Thornton on Thursday column with Peterborough Telegraph's deputy editor Nigel Thornton - peterboroughtoday.co.uk

It’s all about rage of course. Rage is all the rage.

First, it was simple road rage with boorish drivers itching to have a set-to with fellow motorists or, even better, helpless cyclists. Then it was parking rage. Now the militiant wing of the cyclists is striking back.

All we need is some angry disability scooterists doing donuts in the Cathedral Square fountains and terrorising the pigeons.

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I have for some years cycled to work - I’m lucky I have a scenic route which avoids roads and therefore cars and vans and their raging drivers.

This simple pleasure has ended thanks to a bike-nicking scumbag who has preyed on our office bike racks.

So I have taken to walking what was essentially my bike route. It is a pleasant experience, strolling along the Nene spotting a fox here, and (once) a kingfisher there.

The only downside is the cyclists. None of them use a bell and a 14 stone man pedalling hard and whizzing past with only inches to spare is an unsettling experience for a pedestrian. Ironically, the same cyclists are probably the first to complain about cars passing too close to them on the roads.

Idon’t normally feel sorry for middle-aged men in Lycra but I do when a thug on four wheels attempts to cut short their life cycle.

I’m not sure why we are all so angry.

Of course it’s not cyclists or motorists or pedestrians, it’s people. Although, the slower you go the nicer you tend to be. I prefer me the pedestrian to me the cyclist or me the motorist.

There is an exception of course and that’s the “it’s all right he’s just been friendly’’ dog walkers who seem to think that I shouldn’t object to their canine chum sticking his nose in my groin even though said nose was last seen too close to the vicinity of another dog’s unmentionables.

But I’m not going to rage about it, instead here’s a pedestrian/cyclist/driver joke!

A pedestrian steps into the road and gets knocked down by a cyclist.

“You were lucky,” says the cyclist.

“What you on about? That hurt!” says the pedestrian

The cyclist replies: “Well, usually I drive a bus!”


Westcombe win

What a fantastic achievement by all at Westcombe Industries which has picked up a top award.

The engineering company, set up to provide jobs for people with disabilities, has been praised for its outstanding contribution to manufacturing. Based in Royce Road, the firm was named manufacturer of the year (for firms with less than £25 million turnover) at this year’s Made In Central & East England manufacturing awards. Westcombe was set up in 1971 by Peterborough City Council.

A few years back, amid heavy losses, the city council nearly disbanded the firm after some so-called experts claimed it was an outdated model and that disabled people would be better off in mainstream employment.

The view of people actually working at the firm was very different.

Many were distraught at the prospect of the demise of the firm which they said gave them opportunites unavailable elsewhere.

Thankfully, the workers got their wish and the firm was saved after firstly the efforts of local businessman David Thorpe and Cllr Michael Fletcher and then the city council.


Pop goes a chance

I know times are tight but it’s a shame Peterborough had not one wealthy benefactor to buy the Bull Hotel register signed by all the Beatles for the city.

How great would it have looked say on permanent display at the new arts centre planned for Fletton Quays?