Peterborough’s Bridge Street in the 1980s

Cars in Bridge Street... those were the days, writes Chris Porsz, the Paramedic Paparazzo.

Friday, 6th September 2019, 7:00 pm
Chris Porsz column

If you remember the days when cars drove up and down that part of Peterborough city centre, you will be old enough to remember Freeman Hardy Willis, Peter Lords, Burton and Jerome, stores you can see in the background.

And who was the little old lady in the car FEG 659?

The second photo of the man with a bike was taken in 1982... if the World Cup banner in the window of Visionhire is to be believed!

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Chris Porsz column

Remember when we rented televisions ? And now we can watch our favourite programmes on our phones!

Eastern Electricity is now Argo Lounge and Currys is Middletons.