Peterborough charity’s heartfelt thanks to community after theft

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It’s not often a spokesperson for a charity is lost for words.

We are always prepared for the next task or incentive, and planning the communication message.

Following the callous break in and theft of ALL of our cat food, the past few days have taken us all within our branch on a rollercoaster of emotions.

When you are a voluntary run branch of a charity, every penny raised must be accounted for and spent wisely.

Our volunteers give up their time freely and help in a variety of ways.

Many stand for hours at events, battling through the heat, rain, wind and cold to raise funds for us to continue our work. To have food, the one essential source of survival, stolen was just devastating. The impact was immediate.

Stray cats on our waiting list, including feral cats we support were to go hungry.

The fosterer that had gone to get specialist food for mummy cat and her litter of eight kittens was left with the arduous task of phoning round to try and locate this particular food, whilst a very hungry mummy cat and fractious litter waited for their dinner.

We knew we had a major crisis on our hands and acted immediately by asking the public for their help.

We needed extra eyes and ears looking out for our stolen food, and donations to help replenish our supply.

This food was supposed to last us until Christmas, and hopefully into the New Year. We had to do something!

Within minutes of conveying our sad news on social media, we were receiving messages from people wanting to donate food. Within an hour of launching our food crisis appeal via Just Giving we had raised our tentative target of £1,000.

These donations were coming from people all over the country.

We even received a donation from a lady in the USA! As the hours went by, the community spirit continued to grow, the messages of support encouraging us to stay strong and carry on left us feeling totally overwhelmed.

The generosity of people, fellow Cats Protection volunteers, cat food manufacturers and businesses across the city has left us lost for words. It’s simply amazing. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone and praise them for their support and generosity.

It has shown us that people really do care. We feel like we have extended our family, with everyone coming together with a common goal to HELP in any way they can.

These donations will ensure that we can now feed our cats throughout the winter months, and hopefully into spring.

The monies raised above our target, allow us to continue our work helping more cats, pregnant cats, abandoned litters and strays.

If you have been touched by our story and would like to donate to help us continue our work visit

Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to call police on 101 quoting crime reference CF0476260817

If you would like to find out more about volunteering or fostering for us, please call us on 0345 371 2750