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Peterborough Telegraph's Man behind the mic column by Paul Stainton, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire breakfast show host -
Peterborough Telegraph's Man behind the mic column by Paul Stainton, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire breakfast show host -
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The excitement is building, the decorations are up, the Xmas market in Cathedral Square has power and Chris Rea has already set off, in a bid to beat the traffic this year.

Yes, the festive season is upon us and to get you in the mood I have peppered this week’s column with Xmas song references. If that doesn’t get you going, don’t worry. Any minute now Sir Cliff will be along to remind us in a lift, a supermarket or down at London Road, that it’s a “time for giving, a time for getting, a time for forgiving and for forgetting”. Giving is probably more appropriate thought at London Road right now.

For those folks having a blue Christmas at Conservative HQ, it appears that some people have opened their presents already. Candy Crush seems popular this year - MP, Nigel Mills just can’t seem to concentrate on anything else since he unwrapped it.

In the Lords, Lady Jenkin, has been given the latest Jamie Oliver tome and is teaching poor people how to cook a winter’s tale and claims, if they are careful, it will last them over the holidays. However she has also knocked up a batch of gruel just in case their chauffeur can’t take them to the food bank over Xmas.

Meanwhile, at Peterborough Town Hall, the Xmas party is in full swing, with councillors Serluca and Seaton keeping the dream alive with a spot of Twister in reception, whilst Councillor Murphy regales them with his version of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. His Labour colleagues were supposed to join in on backing vocals but the group has reportedly split over certain, artistic differences. Red Ed could be lonely this Xmas.

Of course money is tight this year so everyone has chipped in and done their bit to make it a wonderful Xmas time.

Councillor Scott has brought mistletoe and wine, more in hope than expectation, whilst Councillor Hiller’s punch is going down about as well as a late night coffee with Bill Cosby.

The party nibbles were supplied by Councillor Sharp and Councillor Fitzgerald, with the latter’s mountain of huge French fries jingling the bells of the party faithful.

They were so big though that he had to carry the large chips on his shoulders, just to get them up the stairs. However there was disappointment with Councillor Sharp’s sandwiches, as a number of them appeared to have been lost in transit between his car and the Town Hall.

Sir Elton John and his little drummer boy were supposed to be providing the entertainment but following his fall at a tennis event he has been rushed to PCH.

He’s not been a silent knight though, in fact he has been serenading the nurses with a plethora of his hits. It hasn’t improved the morale amongst the nurses but it has certainly helped cut waiting times in A&E.

Councillor Cereste is playing Santa again this year, possibly for the last time and has got them all rockin’ around the Christmas tree. He’s already sprinkled his solar magic dust across the roof tops in central ward, but despite his rosy red cheeks and cheery demeanour, underneath he is sad – but wouldn’t you be if the Newborough farmers had sunk your battleship?

And dont forget, that if you want to get in the Xmas spirit a bit early this year, you can. Simply tune in to Friday’s Big Conversation between 9 and 12 on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, as we auction off a ton of “money can’t buy” items in aid of the Sue Ryder Raise The Roof Appeal.

Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, you won’t be able to bid for Councillor Sandford’s jumper from last Xmas - apparently he is still wearing it.