Nigel Thornton:Gently with that Bentley

Thornton on Thursday column with Peterborough Telegraph's deputy editor Nigel Thornton -
Thornton on Thursday column with Peterborough Telegraph's deputy editor Nigel Thornton -
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Seeing the politics of envy in full flow is not a pleasant sight – and in full flow it certainly was afterthe police seized a £150,000 supercar.

Officers confiscated a matt black Bentley Continental GT V8 after stopping the car in Oundle and discovering that its driver had allegedly no insurance nor tax.

The car was ignominiously put on the back of a lowloader and taken away to await its fate.

Not surprisingly, the police revealed, that it was a sight that gained a “lot of attention’’.

Some of that attention was of the “serves him right’’ and “gets what’s coming to him’’ variety.

I don’t understand why people revel in others’ misfortune.

Yes, the disparity between rich and poor in this country (and that’s what underpins this envious reaction) is way too large and therefore unhealthy.

And yes, if the driver had no tax and insurance, then he should be punished under the law.

But the fate that awaits could, in theory, mean the car, all £150,000 of it, being crushed.

How can that punishment fit the crime?

I say, in theory, because I sincerely hope that even if the owner is not able to satisfy the police requirements to provide the relevant documentation, the car is spared a fate worse than death.

In fact, I would go so far as to say, that if the car was eventually crushed whoever sanctions such an outcome should be prosecuted for wanton vandalism.

If the car has to be diposed of – and I’m sure the owner will take the necessary action to avoid that – then why not auction it off?

The proceeds could be donated to charity, or even to fund a couple of bobbies on the beat for our cash-strapped police force.

Lovely Kylie, the adorable Aussie, performed atNewmarket racecourse on Friday night.

I was 46 miles away in Peterborough - which means that’s probably the closest I’ve ever been to the pop poppet.

The sad thing is I could have been much closer. Wearing one of my many other hats (as music reviewer for the PT) I had the offer of some free tickets.

Despite my love for Kylie (and I can put up with the music) I declined.

When a man’s too tired to go to see Kylie, he’s too tired for life... or he’s got a “challenging’’ three-year-old and a teething baby.

Anybody reading the Peterborough Telegraph of late will have noticed a lot of stories about problems with squatters, travellers and illegal immigrants.

I suggest we should sort it out with a 5-a-side football tournament.

The semis could be Travellers Athletic vs Real Squatters and Illegal Immigrants FC vs Police & Council United.

Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson could be asked to referee.

The winners should, as well as lifting the Column Inches Cup, be awarded an emergency stopping place or an empty office or the back of a lorry of their choice.

I’m assuming the police and council have no chance of winning!

Diary Of A Bad Dad

My father’s day “treat’’ was a day out at Sacrewell Farm with the family. Soft play, baby goats and a tractor ride... what more could a grown man ask for?

I don’t wish to appear ungrateful but a Full English for breakfast, a couple or eight cold beers in the back garden in the afternoon and sitting down to watch the US Open golf on the telly in the evening might have been another option. Except of course I’m a dad now, so it wasn’t.

My “treat’’ wasn’t that bad – although nearly getting stuck half way up the soft play apparatus was a low point. There was one terrible moment when I had visions of the fire brigade with cutting equipment and a reporter from the PT asking for a comment.

The argument with Toddler T about whether a goat was a goat or a sheep was another high point. But nothing topped the tractor ride. It was possibly the longest 20 minutes of my life – and felt like it lasted longer than a flight to Australia.

Be Prepared is the scouts’ motto but parents should also adopt it.

So that’s the last time I get on a bloody tractor without Todder T’s sunglasses (the “glittery ones’’), a packet of Pom Bears, a book of stickers, the half eaten apple from earlier and a cuddly toy.