Neuter/spay your cat for just £10!

On August 1, we launched a 'one off' Neuter/Spay offer for just £10. With just four weeks left, we still have spaces available! So, why are people choosing not to neuter their cats?

Saturday, 3rd September 2016, 4:00 pm
Cats Protection League volunteer Sheridan Gaunt holds unwanted pet Arthur, during a rehoming event at Loxley Community Centre, Werrington. ENGEMN00120130408173222

It seems that many people still think that neutering a male cat is unnecessary – after all it’s the females that have the kittens. What people are NOT doing is stopping to think about the health of their beloved pets. Why would anyone want the stench of a male cat spraying urine to mark their territory? The smell lingers for such a long period of time and is an absolute nightmare to get rid of. Why would you want the constant worry of your cat going out for longer spells each time they venture out of the cat flap?

Did you know that males can travel over two miles to find an in-season female? If we think about how many main roads we all have in a 2 mile radius- is it any wonder that many are knocked down and killed? They constantly have to fight off other males for their female and often come to us with bite wounds, small tears in their ears and looking somewhat worse for wear, requiring veterinary treatment.

The exact same principle applies to female cats, they equally will travel miles when in season looking for a male to mate with. 90% of females coming into our branch are found abandoned and heavily pregnant, or with young kittens, and are all aged between 7-12 months old. These teenage pregnancies, as we call them CAN be avoided.

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To re-unite a lost un-neutered male is an almost impossibility, if not chipped. By the time they go missing they may have traversed many a mile and the chances of your once beloved pet retuning home are slim. Just as the social media sites are still full of cats and kittens for sale (which are bred indiscriminately) the volume of lost cats, on the lost and found local sites are also on the increase.

If you love your cute new kitten or cat, get him or her neutered BEFORE they are allowed out – don’t take the chance of unwanted pregnancies, males being at risk of infectious diseases, getting lost or being killed on the road. And don’t forget if you get two kittens together, brother and sister, the male can and will get the female pregnant sooner than you may think. Both male and females are sexually active from four months old.

This offer is here to help YOU. The average cost to neuter a male is between £40 - £55 and anything from £50 - £60 plus for a female. FOR JUST £10, with no questions asked, YOU can avoid all of the above. All you have to do is phone us on 0345 371 2750 and request a voucher. Offer ends on 30th September, 2016.

Homing show

Cat & Kitten Homing Show, this Sunday, 4th September at The Loxley Centre, (next to The Crab & Winkle Pub), Werrington, PE4 5BW from 2-3.30pm.