More World of Sport: Hero of the week is Lewis Hamilton’s car

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton in the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Photo: David Davies/PA Wire.
Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton in the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Photo: David Davies/PA Wire.
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I don’t get the acclaim and fuss that headed Lewis Hamilton’s way as he won a second Formula One world title last weekend.

The true heroes in this ‘sport’ are the people who design and put the car together.

Let’s be honest any driver on the Formula One grid would have finished in the top two with help from Mercedes.

Divers, fakers and thugs galore

Last weekend’s televised football managed to sum up my feelings about the sport.

Divers like Victor Moses and Ross Barkley were exposed, but not punished by our weak and pathetic officials.

An act of attempted violence by Jack Wilshere was ignored by a star-struck referee and predictably ‘not seen’ by the player’s manager.

West Ham donkey James Tomkins’ reaction to being shoved in the chest (he held his face) is worthy of retrospective action, but will be brushed aside by our spineless law-makers.

Even in League One players exaggerated injury to ensure fellow pros were sent off. Players have a union and instead of wasting time helping rapists they should try and stop their members cheating each other.

Mugs of the week 1...

...were the fools who paid Sky good money to watch boxing plodders Tony Bellew and Nathan Cleverely prance about for an hour without threatening to hurt each other. The build-up in the week before the ‘fight’ was quite undeliberately hilarious as two dim blokes hurled rehearsed insults at each other. Who on earth falls for such nonsensical marketing?

Mugs of the week 2...

...were the fools who trotted up to Wembley to watch an over-hyped womens’ friendly football international. It was predictably dull and predictably one-sided as the Germans were too good. I did tune in before the start in the hope that Premier League boss Richard Scudamore was being presented to the teams.