More Tory cuts? The cupboard’s bare

Cllr Darren Fower
Cllr Darren Fower
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In recent weeks, I’ve been kept entertained by the obfuscation care of the Labour Party leadership election. I mean, imagine the possibility of electing a left wing leader to a socialist party?

I studied politics for 5 years, prior to being elected, thus I am fully aware the main political parties have, a clear position on the political spectrum. Time for a football analogy! The Labour Party at the mo, are acting like a goalkeeper, who thinks he’s a striker! It’s just silly.

I think some politicians, nationally and locally, really should spend a bit more time choosing which party to join, instead of who is offering the most winnable seat?

At the city council, the Tory administration are still talking about the need to make millions of pounds worth of cuts to services, but having spent the last 7 years selling the silverware, the cupboard is rather bare.

Hence, why these days, they hold a cross party budget working group, hoping opposition councillors can save their behinds ahead of May 2016.

Bizarrely though, at the same time they talk about cuts, they are also borrowing millions of pounds, in order to pay for their latest school extension scheme?

Which, put simply is their latest attempt to cover up the present shortfall in school places in our city. I’m not sure who will end up paying back these massive loans? Maybe those who’ve started infant school this year?

Anyhow the Tory controlled city council will of course continue to try and place blame on varying ethnic minorities, when in fact the shortfall in school places was highlighted years ago (when I was first elected!), but it was ignored.

So the same Tory councillors, who are borrowing money now, are the same lot who decided to close schools like Bretton Woods and Honeyhill? As sound as a 99p coin!

And then there’s the talk of sharing the Council’s CEO with Cambridgeshire County Council? Now, I knew there were secret talks taking place about shared services, but the CEO idea, well that was news to me!

I mean, if someone can do the job part time, what has been going on for the last decade? Why have we been paying £170,000 a year to them? By the way, when I was first elected in 2000, the CEO of Peterborough City Council had to make do with a salary of £89,607 a year, meaning they had to scrape by on £1723 a week, and we think times are hard now!?

A mate of mine the other day said, he thought the idea of amalgamating the CEO role, was simply an attempt to secure a high salary and safe pension pot for the present incumbent, who, he reckons, won’t even be in the role come 2020? But, as I told him, there was no evidence to prove that! :)

Finally lets leave Pottyborough Politics for a mo, and consider the refugee crisis.

I believe, Government is playing politics over the humanitarian crisis impacting on Europe. Perhaps you think Peterborough City Council should be doing something?

Another mate of mine had the idea that all the top earning council officers should offer a room up to help in their undoubtedly large properties, but that was a no go, as I pointed out that NONE of them lived in the city, and were essentially economic migrants to Peterborough! :)

Sadly, the UK’s position as a safe, secure and, above all, caring place is being diminished by an increasingly ‘screw you’ attitude as the Government collectively shrugs at the immeasurable suffering.

With that in mind I have launched a fundraising page, and I would LIKE to thank all those who have so far 
donated, which YOU can too by visiting