Memories of Woof, Pengy, Quack and Holy Joe

King's School staff EMN-150817-154750009
King's School staff EMN-150817-154750009
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I had some great feedback from last week’s old school pictures with lots of readers contacting me with information.

The picture of King’s School teachers sparked a big response and I can now identify most of the staff.

By consensus they were from left to right, back row: Mr Dexter, Mr Laxton, Mr Pragnall, Mr Canard, Mr Hacket, Mr Eldergill, Mr Bambridge, Mr Tidswell or Mr Hamilton, Mr Wilson, Mr George, Mr Palmer.

Middle row: Mr Unwin, Mr Davies, Mr Oliver, Mr Dean, Mr Holden, Mr Carrot, Mr McCarthy, Mr Pickard, Mr Shaw

Front row:Mr Lamb, Mr Howitt, Mr Larratt, Mr Wheeler, Mr Harrison (Headmaster), Mrs Harrison, Mrs Carlyle, Mr Robinson, Mr Barker.

Reader Bob Atkin tells me Mr Dexter was the brother of author Colin Dexter famous for writing the Inspector Morse books.

Bob also supplied some of the nicknames – I’ll let you work out for which teachers they refer to – they include Gnash, Pengy, Stump, Dixie, Scratch, Holy Joe, Larry, Pop, Woof, Spoke, Drip, Quack and Vulch!

Thanks in particular to Bob, Stuart Scott, Gary Snart,Mike Digling and Ray Vaitkevicius for the info.

The picture of Peterborough Commercial School also evoked a lot of memories.

The school was located in the Cathedral Precincts and was a private secreterial school.The picture was taken in1939 a few years before Margaret Lane, from Fulbridge Road, attended the school in 1947.

She identified the woman on the right as the school founder Honor Elizabeth Bean with the man next to her son Felix who took over from her.

Margaret remembers Mrs Bean with affection _ she visited her when she had her 100th birthday recalling how she had a fantastic memory, was well spoken and was always immaculately turned out.

Margaret also has the answer to the “mystery’’ sole male student. She says: “he would have been a trainee journalist who went there to learn shorthand.’’

Finally Susan Booth got in touch after spotting her dad in the picture of Fletton School. She wrote: “I recognise my dad Michael Bradshaw in this picture top centre. My dad was born in 1945 so I don’t think it’s 1952 and I know he went to Fletton Secondary Modern School. He was a ‘big man’ he was the tallest and biggest man at school. He weighed 15 stone at 15 years old and always played the triangle lol and was mean at rugby. But he was a gentle giant with a very big heart. He died in 2004 but it was lovely to see the photo.’’