Losing faith in the NHS

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I made a rare visit to my doctor’s surgery in Deeping. My problem deafness and tinnitus, my assumption my ears were blocked with ear wax.

As advised I have been putting olive oil in my ears for the past two weeks.

After examination I am told, “yes your ears look blocked with wax. We, (the GPs) don’t do anything about it any more you can visit the hearing shop in Deeping and they will clean the wax out for £33.”

A visit to Stamford Hospital says the same thing: “If you have pain you can get a referral to the ENT clinic.”

What is happening to Mr Hancock’s NHS service and all the money I poured into it whilst I was working.

I understood the doctor’s surgery was supposed to be taking on more minor activities to reduce the load on the hospitals but apparently not so. I guess it doesn’t pay enough.

No wonder people are losing faith. It’s a disgrace.

Richard Harris

by email