Life in Peterborough outside the Westminster bubble

Councillor Wayne Fitzgerald
Councillor Wayne Fitzgerald
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Whatever the woes of the country nationally and internationally right now be assured your local Conservative city councillors remain focused on providing good local services for Peterborough residents, writes Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald, deputy leader of Peterborough City Council.

Yes, there are always things to improve on we know that, but we still have schools and children to look after, our responsibility to the elderly and those in care does not change. The roads will continue to be repaired and the streets swept, and the bins will still need emptying.

Life really does go on outside of the Westminster bubble that seems to have dominated the news agenda over the past couple of years which is why it’s important not to mix up those big national political issues in this year’s local elections. I’ll try not to mention the dreaded B word anywhere.

In Peterborough the Conservatives have a good record of investing in the city and of the management of the council’s finances. We don’t say this, the council’s auditors do and we continue to provide good public services day in and day out. This is despite the large reductions of grant we have seen from central government brought about by the Labour Party almost ruining the country when they were last in office and we must not let them do this to our city.

We have consistently managed to find the right financial balance through modest council tax increases and at the same protecting and improving vital local services. We are NOT as some claim right now “hurtling towards bankruptcy”.

It is inevitable at this time of year that you will read about what other parties and candidates might do for you if you vote for them.

However, I’m sure nobody will be fooled by these often cleverly worded articles full of false promises, but it is worth reminding people of this.

The last time the Labour Party were in charge at the town hall in Peterborough, they bankrupted the city.

They simply cannot be trusted to run and maintain our vital services and over time they will seek to impose much higher council tax bills on hard working Peterborough families.

It is also worth noting that this year their contribution to setting the council’s budget was to provide a single piece of A4 paper. This does not instil any confidence of their financial acumen to run a multimillion-pound public operation.

As for the other parties including UKIP, now being led by the far right aided and abetted by Tommy Robinson, formerly of the English Defence League, they will need more than “common sense” to run this city. Examine carefully what opposition parties say they have got to offer Peterborough residents other than unrealistic and uncosted proposals. I have not seen one single piece of credible documentation that says how they will pay for anything that they are proposing to do or improve the lives of Peterborough residents so we must assume council tax will soar to pay for these fantasies.

Let us remain positive in Peterborough - so I would urge you to keep faith with local Conservatives in the city and just vote on local issues and vote for your Conservative candidate on May 2.