LETTER: Time to tackle Orton estate's vandals

How much longer are the residents living within the Orton townships going to put up with the almost daily (nightly) appearance of graffiti on street furniture (junction boxes, litter and doggy bins, lampposts) brick walls and wooden fences along footpaths and cycleways?


For days, weeks and now months this unsightly blight has been increasing with no attempt at its removal or those responsible identified.

Tenants are failing to pay for its removal... responsibility of the landlord! Residents (property owners) have had their offers to remove this graffiti IF given access to the protective clothing and cleansing fluid ignored, and now are seeking volunteer vigilantes to assist the e-cops and community police in their efforts to identify those responsible and bring them to court where they can be named and shamed.

By their own actions those responsible have no concern for the environment or property, No pride of place or love for where they live, so once caught and brought to court they can be evicted from this city. Peterborough has no requirement for the likes of such people and would be well rid of them.

This blight/graffiti is seemingly something that takes some time to do and there must be some members within these estates who have observed those responsible in action and they are requested to report any occurrences.

The only remaining request is to have this blight removed each time it appears, which might deter those responsible and feel that they are wasting their time, or may run out of wall/fence space, or run out of paint or better still be caught in action!

With street furniture being targeted and with no remaining space on fences or brickwalls, perhaps should this occur, one is left to reflect on what will be the next target - letter boxes, street signs or cars or vans parked up within these estates.......perhaps then this anti-social practice will be given a higher priority and we (residents) will have an environment free of graffiti!

Orton resident