LETTER: Sympathy for Ferrari driver and the £10,000 pothole, but drivers must share some of the blame

I did feel for the Ferrari owner who caused so much damage to his pride and joy.

Sunday, 2nd April 2017, 11:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:26 pm
Scott Nicholas with his Ferrari Spider which was damaged by a pothole near Ufford. EMN-170322-145159009

I love and admire exotic cars too.

I recall that when I was taught to drive (1958) ‘reading’ the road ahead with all the signs and road markings included ‘reading’ the road surface for any likely problems such as mud, spillages, rubbish, water, ice, poor road surface, etc. if you couldn’t see far enough ahead to avoid a problem you were going too fast.

Nowadays road conditions are more complex, with much more traffic, many more distractions and far faster cars (OK, with better brakes) yet we all at times drive far too fast and carelessly.

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Councils usually stand their own insurance so I presume the £10,000 has come from the Council Tax we pay.

Should we really expect the council to provide perfect road surfaces 24/7 regardless of how competent we are as drivers?

Peter Larke

Bradwell Road