LETTER: Pets not automatically a problem in Peterborough's Central Park - they can add fun and exercise too

I was interested to read Pam's letter in the Peterborough Telegraph - Terrified by out-of-control dog in Peterborough's Central Park.

Thursday, 17th May 2018, 11:30 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:29 am
Peterborough's Central Park

I live very close to Central Park and am frequently there for many reasons, including walking my four small dogs.

Pam is right that out-of-control dogs are unacceptable in a public park used by many families.

But that doesn’t mean dogs are automatically a problem in the park. Dogs are important companions for many and areas like Central Park are vital for exercising them, and has a community of dog-walkers.

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Dogs do not have to be on leads in the park but must be under control. Owners who do not pick up dog excrement are irresponsible, like those who abandon their rubbish as they walk away from picnics. Well-behaved dogs add greatly to family life, enjoy meeting others, and delight those they meet. (Two of our dogs are about to start work as therapy dogs, providing comfort to those in residential homes, confidence to children in schools.) Central Park needs dogs – though not the irresponsible owners – and on June 24 there will be the fourth annual Central Park fun dog show – there were 80 happy dogs and no problems last year. I hope we meet Pam and her grandsons next time they are in the park, and our friendly dogs can show them another side to the place of dogs in the park

Tony Forster - All Saints Road, Peterborough