LETTER: Call to ban EDL march in Peterborough

The EDL have announced their intention to march in our city on 21st October.

Sunday, 17th September 2017, 1:00 pm

I strongly object to this and would ask the leader of one of the party groupings on PCC, to consider refusing permission for it.

This is a group imposed upon the city with very few local roots. Their sole purpose is to ferment hatred and racial tension.

The costs to the police were, according to the PT, £0.75m in 2010, and the police has far better things to spend its resources on.

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Last time local businesses shut and the the town was deserted. Why should the normal life of our city be wrecked for a day by this group who think they can decide where to terrorise peaceful communities?

As a local council tax payer, I want my money to be used for the benefit of our city and its people.

I am particularly aware of the extreme financial pressure faced by our local police force and am outraged that this group, who have nothing positive to say to our city or its residents, should be able to decide where to appear, expecting the local tax payer to fund the huge policing costs.

Please discuss at council and ban this event which intends to damage our city at our cost.

Tony Forster

All Saints Road