‘I’m not moaning about yet another council tax rise, brown bins or ludicrous charges, but leave Bretton Water Park alone!

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The Conservative city council has announced its latest budget as it struggles to cope with financial constraints placed upon it by the Conservative government.

I’m not going to moan about the council tax going up six per cent ... hands up all of you who got a six per cent pay rise last year?

I said, hands up all of you who got a six per cent pay rise!

I’m not going to moan about the increase in brown bin charges – as I don’t have one.

I used to pay for one through my council tax but then the council decided to charge us all extra.

I’m not going to moan about the ludicrous plan to charge people if they have a bin stolen. Even though the city council is effectively creating a black market, and even though on one day of the week residents have no choice but to leave their bin unsecured and unattended... on council orders.

But I am going to moan about the plans to stop funding Bretton Water Park and therefore threaten its future.

And what will this move save the city council?

The answer is a whopping £18,000 a year, which is a drop in the ocean/water park when the council says it has to find savings of £24m.

The council has displayed a complete inability to prevent travellers from invading the park on a regular basis, but that hasn’t stopped it being a much used and much loved community amenity.

Are we really so poor that in the year 2018, in the fifth biggest economy in the world, we can’t afford 18 grand (which wouldn’t even buy you a new Ford Mondeo)?

Meanwhile, down the road in Cambridge there are plans to build a metro system for £1.5 billion – that would keep Bretton Water Park going for 83,333 years.

The council needs to think again and splash the cash on the water park.