How UKIP is fighting for your NHS

Peterborough City Hospital.
Peterborough City Hospital.
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“Next Thursday (October 29) there will be a by-election in West Ward, and its residents will have the chance to elect another UKIP councillor onto Peterborough City Council to represent them,” writes Andy Monk, Press and Membership Secretary, UKIP NW Cambs.

“John Myles is the UKIP candidate and he has lived in West Ward for many years. Before he retired John was a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in Peterborough Hospital for 20 years and prior to this worked for NHS hospitals in various parts of Britain. He is well qualified to comment on the difficulties 
currently being experienced by the NHS in Peterborough and the surrounding area.

“Labour introduced the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) scheme which has resulted in the bankrupting of Peterborough City Hospital. Nearby Hinchingbrooke Hospital was privatised by the Conservatives with disastrous results.

“John has slammed the Conservative government’s failure to allocate the much needed extra resources to Peterborough’s NHS despite the rapid rise in demand.

“He said: “Research out recently shows that birth rates in Peterborough has soared to 2.34 babies per woman, the highest number in the entire country. This has been linked in several reports to the high amount of immigration we have here.”

“It is now rumoured that one of the other hospitals may have to close due to financial considerations. Each new government introduces expensive and wasteful re-organisations which have plagued the whole NHS and only succeeded in achieving frustration and despair amongst front line NHS staff and patients alike.

“There is a chronic shortage of nurses in the UK, approximately 20,000 according to the nursing profession. 57,000 people applied to train as a nurse in the UK last year and 37,000 of these were rejected due to lack of training places available. 29% of new nurses recruited came from abroad last year with 7,500 coming from EU countries and others coming from further afield including the Philippines.

“This is a scandalous situation to be in and UKIP believes that this could begin to be addressed by re-introducing State Enrolled Nurses who would train on the wards from day one.

“John says: “I believe the reintroduction of State Enrolled Nurses would immediately ease the problems 
of our current understaffing of nurses in the NHS.”

“We are now also experiencing protest marches from junior doctors over their employment conditions.

“John says: “With the chaos the current Health Secretary has been causing with the junior doctors’ fiasco, I fear for the future of our NHS.”

“UKIP will oppose the EU’s proposed TTIP treaty with the USA which could result in financial ruin for the NHS if international companies sued for loss of profits and contracts, and could even have a stake in our NHS.

“In Peterborough we have suffered for years from a profligate Conservative council which has wasted taxpayers’ money on grandiose vanity schemes with reckless disregard for the current and on-going economic situation. There have been few real benefits for ordinary people such as a lift to the bridge which links the Queensgate and the bus station with the railway station.

“UKIP councillors work hard to deal with the everyday problems faced by Peterborough citizens and it is John’s ambition to join them in their excellent work.”