Editor’s comment: Keep this green jewel in our backyard

The Green Backyard in Peterborough
The Green Backyard in Peterborough
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This week The Green Backyard launches an ambitious appeal to raise the money needed to buy its site off London Road.

The unique and novel community project has come up with an equally novel way of raising the money it needs. The PT is backing the bid all the way.

It’s a brilliant project run by brilliant volunteers who deserve to succeed.

It is asking for £10 donations to save your square foot of the site. It is understood that the ballpark figure needed to save the project is £750,000 - that figure has never been confirmed on the record.

The city council owns the land and, being cash-strapped, wants to realise the cash from its asset.

It is conceivable that bids for the land could be higher or lower than the £750,000 mooted to be the target figure by campaigners.

The Green Backyard is a very special jewel in the city’s environmental crown. Its location is as much a part of its success as the vegatables it grows and the land it cultivates.

A great community fundraising campaign that secures the project and all the good it does in the community for the future would surely be a fantastic feather in the city’s cap and an important credential in the city’s long-running campaign to become the UK’s Environment Capital.

We hope the council does everything in its power to support the efforts to raise the cash.

We hope would-be developers think twice about whether building on that particular site is the best thing for the land and the local community.

We hope that The Green Backyard team succeed in their fundraising efforts and secure the future of something the city is already proud of and should not be losing.