Conservative by-election candidate: ‘My action plan for Peterborough’

People in Peterborough have achieved history by forcing this by-election and getting rid of Jeremy Corbyn’s last Labour MP, writes Paul Bristow, Conservative Party parliamentary candidate for Peterborough,

Sunday, 19th May 2019, 6:45 am
Paul Bristow

Now, there is a unique opportunity to get a better MP here, so let’s not waste it.

We need an MP who’ll stand up for Peterborough and act with integrity and honesty.

An MP with a clear plan to tackle Peterborough’s problems and take the city forward. Who is competent and capable of delivering it. Who can be trusted to deliver it.

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Paul Bristow

And an MP who’ll vote in Parliament to deliver a Brexit deal Peterborough wants and needs as soon as possible. And with numbers so tight in Parliament, that really matters.

Having secured the chance to get a better MP – it’s vital people in Peterborough use their votes to elect the MP this city deserves.

The recent local council election results show the choice in this by-election, on Thursday, June 6, is between Conservatives and Labour. The choice is between another Jeremy Corbyn Labour candidate or me.

And I believe I can be that better MP.

I have been out on the streets in Peterborough campaigning with my plans to improve things for everybody living and working here. I have been listening to people’s concerns and what they want from a better MP.

It is why I have an action plan to tackle the important issues and get things done for Peterborough.

My action plan includes creating jobs and investment – like making the most of our market and redeveloping North Westgate with more choice, better shops and places to visit.

We need to tackle crime, such as stopping dangerous drivers by installing average-speed cameras to catch people speeding at night and keep our roads safe. I will work with Police and Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite to make sure we have more police on our streets – like the 105 extra officers recruited in Cambridgeshire.

I want to improve our roads and junctions and tackle congestion with a new entrance on Thorpe Road for our train station – so traffic does not back up onto Crescent Bridge. And turning the single lanes of the A47 into a dual carriageway to help keep traffic moving.

We need to clean up our streets with stricter fines and more enforcement and with CCTV to catch fly-tippers and stop rubbish piling up.

And I plan to vote in Parliament to deliver a Brexit deal as soon as possible and as a member of the largest and only party that can make it happen. Our last MP’s crucial vote in Parliament blocked Brexit by one vote – I will not waste the opportunity to deliver a Brexit deal.

This by-election is about many issues, not just Brexit. I understand the importance of Brexit to people here in Peterborough –I voted to Leave the EU and I campaigned for it – but I am determined to make progress on all the issues which need solving by a better MP.

But this could all be at risk if another Jeremy Corbyn Labour candidate wins again. His last MP just ignored Peterborough. She ignored crime, congestion and fly-tipping. She was convicted of a crime and still refused to stand down.

This city does not need another Corbyn candidate and before election day on Thursday, June 6, I will prove why I should be Peterborough’s next MP.