A special offer for Peterborough cat owners

February is a very special month in the feline world, writes Sheridan Gaunt from Peterborough Cats Protection.

Sunday, 2nd February 2020, 5:52 am
Neuter for a fiver

This year, World Spay Day falls on February 25 and, nationally, many charities will offer some form of incentive to promote neutering.

In support of this event, the Peterborough branch of Cats Protection has teamed up with eight local veterinary practices across the PE1-PE8 area, offering neutering for just £5 throughout the month of February.

Cats can come into heat multiple times in a calendar year so If you love your cat, then neuter your cat. It really is the best thing you can do.

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Neutering your male cat early will help keep him safe – ensuring that he doesn’t get into constant fights over females, which will protect him from injury and diseases. It will also stop his urge to wander off in search of a mate and lessen the chances of him getting lost or injured on the road.

It is not ok for a female cat to have at least one litter, and sibling cats will breed, thus increasing the risk of birth defects. A kitten is sexually active from 16 weeks of age, which is why the timing is therefore essential to prevent unwanted litters.

Neutering can cost anywhere between £35 and £70. So, for £5, it’s a no brainer really!

This offer is open to anyone owning a male or female cat, aged 16 weeks and over, living in the PE1-PE8 post code area. This offer is also open to multi-cat households with the simple aim to stop kittens having kittens.

The offer does NOT include microchipping but you can arrange this with the vet at a small extra charge. It’s well worth the cost as it is the best way of ensuring your pet is returned to you, should it get lost.

You will ONLY be able to book your cat in for neutering at any of the participating veterinary practices, once you are in receipt of your voucher from ourselves. You can request your voucher by contacting our helpline on 0345 371 2750 or emailing us at [email protected]