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Bertie is looking for a home
Bertie is looking for a home
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It’s a well-known fact across all animal charities that black or black and white cats, are always overlooked – leaving these unsung heroes waiting weeks, often months to find their forever homes, writes Sheridan Gaunt, of Peterborough Cats Protection.

A recent survey conducted by Cats Protection indicates that people who say they like black or black and white cats soon change their mind when they view photos of them.

Whereas, when people are shown a photo of a ginger or tabby cat there is an instant attraction to the colour and much less focus on the personality of the cat.

People feel that the personality of a black or black and white cat is less playful, friendly, vocal and attention-seeking than the tabby or ginger cat, which typically find homes much faster.

What people don’t realise is that black or black and white cats (often referred to as monochrome) make up half of all the cats in care. Due to their colour they are the most likely to be abandoned, mistreated, dumped or left behind.

We strongly believe that looks don’t decide personality! These beautiful cats have plenty of character and need homes just as much as other colours.

Take Bertie, for example, a seven-year- old black and white male who came into our care at the beginning of August.

He took a little while to settle due to the fact he had been outside for a while, but he is now more than happy to snooze away on his fosterer’s sofa or watch the world go by from the window ledge.

He is an independent, friendly, boy who would 
suit several types of home. But, once again, 11 weeks 
later he is still being overlooked.

We can only surmise that his colour, his age and the fact that he isn’t a traditional lap cat are the reasons that he has had no interest.

A seven-year-old cat is still in its prime and certainly not old.

And yes, Bertie may not be a lap cat but he is more than happy to climb over you to settle nearby.

We desperately want to change people’s perceptions and help cats like Bertie.

A black or black and white cat will make you home just as complete as a coloured cat would.

Please help us and encourage people to find a place in their hearts and homes for an unsung superhero.

For more information about Bertie, or adopting a cat from our branch, contact us on 0345 371 2750