Angry at being badly let down in Peterborough

I’m really proud to live in Peterborough; I’ve raised my children here, but we face important challenges and we’re being badly let down, writes Labour by-election candidate Lisa Forbes.

Saturday, 1st June 2019, 6:59 am
Jeremy Corbyn at Unite offices visiting Peterborough to support Labour candidate Lisa Forbes EMN-190427-190930009

For example our schools have lost out on £22m in funding and our kids are paying the price.

I remember going to school under the last Conservative Government - learning in leaking classrooms and portakabins and teachers putting their hands in their own pockets to buy textbooks – we cannot go back to that.

And when I drop my kids off at school in Peterborough, I speak to parents who feel that our children’s futures are being taken away from them; school budgets cut, youth services disappearing and gang violence out of control.

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They worry for the safety of their families when Peterborough, a city that used to be safe and welcoming, is experiencing a dramatic surge in violent crime.

People are angry that our council gave £15m of our money to the Hilton Hotel chain whilst our own children can’t get on the property ladder.

They’re angry that Peterborough is the third worst place in the country for fly-tipping and only see their local streets cleaned at election time.

I’m angry too - it seems to me that the Tory council have their priorities all wrong.

But I’m not surprised. This is the same party that closed the care home where my mum worked and replaced it with high-priced, executive flats - way out of reach for most local families.

That’s the Tories all over - heartless locally and hopeless nationally.

A party more concerned with fighting amongst themselves than with getting on with the job.

I’m standing in this election because, like most of you, I’ve had enough. Peterborough deserves an MP who will fight day and night for our city.

I want people to feel safe again, for our children to have bright futures, for us all to be proud of Peterborough and I won’t stop until we’ve achieved that.

There are some who want to make this election all about Brexit; but the stakes are so much higher than 

This election is about our families, our homes and our schools.

People are right to be angry at the state of politics, they want Brexit sorted and I do too. But we need an MP prepared to tackle, head-on the problems we face.

The challenges we face in Peterborough are significant. We simply can’t risk electing a ‘one trick pony’ who doesn’t have to worry about the same issues as the rest of us, with no plan to reduce crime, improve our local schools or clean up our streets.

Our City has been let down time and again; it deserves an MP that is local and won’t shirk responsibility.

I understand the issues people face here because, as a local mum, I face them too. I promise that if I’m elected, I will fight from day one, and never stop working to make Peterborough a city we can all be proud of.