Andy Monk, UKIP: Let us know your feelings on crime

Andy Monk
Andy Monk
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On Monday, UKIP will be launching our Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Cambridgeshire - Nick Clarke - at a public meeting in Stanground.

The event will take place between 7.30 and 9.00pm at the Heron pub, Heron Court, Stanground PE2 8QB. Also present will be Patrick O’Flynn MEP for the East of England, Stanground Central Cllr John Whitby, Pete Reeve and Andy Monk as well as Mary Herdman who will be chairing the event.

We want local people to come and let Nick know how you feel about crime in Stanground and the surrounding areas. We really want to know what is important to you in your local community. As well as short speeches there will be an open question and answer session on the evening and we want to hear as many questions as possible.

Nick’s priorities are: Zero tolerance on criminal behaviour; Tackling the illegal supply of drugs; Improve the 101 telephone service; Bigger visibility of Police on your streets.

Nick will hold the Chief Constable to account and will press him to crack down hard on anti-social behaviour which is a blight on so many law abiding citizens’ everyday lives, which they should not have to tolerate.

Nick says that: “Tackling speeding through our villages and neighbourhoods must also be cracked down on to protect local communities especially our children from the threat of serious injury or even death.”

Declaring war on drug dealers is another of Nick’s stated aims. He pledges that a door a day will be raided to crack down on drugs. Why should ordinary residents live in fear on a daily basis from drug dealers and the consequences of drug use such as discarded needles?

The 101 police phone answering service needs to be improved. It needs to be more efficient and get help to where it is needed quickly and without hindrance.

There needs to be a much greater more highly visible police presence on our streets today. This involves having more patrols, warranted officers being employed in operational roles not back office wherever possible. Special Constable numbers need to be expanded to support the police and the ridiculous barriers excluding Specials serving where they live removed.

Nick believes that police stations should be open at the times that the public want, and if necessary they should be able to share facilities with the fire service and other public bodies to retain a police presence in our communities.

Nick wants to reduce the financial burden placed on the taxpayer by the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office by focusing funds on frontline policing. He will achieve this by not appointing a deputy, reducing commissioner’s staff costs further by reducing the scale, scope and number of the jobs in the office, or job share with other authorities.

So please come along and have your say and hear what Nick Clarke and your team for Stanground can do to help improve your community.