A uniform approach to summer

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W ithout wanting to wish it away, my “mum’s organiser” in the utility room tells me we are more than halfway through the summer break already, writes Peterborough mother-of-two Donna Steele.

And for parents of schoolchildren that can only mean two things - overcoming “what shall we do now?” syndrome and uniform shopping.

I am sure for those whose children are well into their school careers, it is pretty straightforward.

But for those first-timers like me - and there will be hundreds if not thousands across Peterborough - it can be a little nervewracking. No one wants to roll up on the first day and have got it wrong, do they?

The list of what is needed supplied by the school was a godsend, and word of mouth recommendations from other mums has been invaluable, but there is still so much to consider... and do.

I must admit I didn’t hang around. First week of the break from the pre-school routine and I was one of those mums who was all over the internet - just as well, as there was quite a wait for the embroidered stuff. If you haven’t got yours yet, be lucky.

Dresses, polo shirts, cardigans, blouses, sweatshirts, skirts, shirts, culottes, shoes, trainers, pumps, wellies, sports kit, rain suit, winter coat, bag. The list is endless.

I know I ordered far too much - the poor delivery drivers must have thought I had twins or triplets. But for starters the dresses come in different styles, so you have to try them all. And no two stores’ sizes are the same - so it’s best to order a few 4-5 and 5-6 just to be sure.

Before you knew it the house looked like the Next andM&S changing rooms all rolled into one and my poor husband looked a little baffled when a new flatpack wardrobe arrived to put it all in.

So now we are three weeks from D-Day. The wardrobe is filling up nicely but there are still a few gaps to fill and jobs to do.

For instance, I wonder how many other mums there are out there having to get a needle and thread out for the first time since their own school days for all those name tags?

Yes, the evening routine seems to be endless attempts to thread a needle and Celebrity Big Brother!