Hedgehog trying to escape flood waters in Peterborough becomes internet star

A hedgehog trying to escape flood waters in Peterborough has become an internet star.

Tuesday, 13th July 2021, 5:00 am

A video posted on Twitter on Friday (July 9) by Toby Wood showed the hedgehog running through the flood waters and up a step to safety, before shaking himself down and heading off, presumably to find somewhere to shelter from the rain.

Toby took the video himself in his garden at his home in Dogsthorpe and it has already been viewed over 10,000 times. Himself and his wife have been looking after the hedgehog for around a year, since it first started coming into their garden.

He said: “It has been here over a year and has a regular route it takes round the garden. We think we know where it’s nesting and we put out proper hedgehog food for it religiously every evening.

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The hedgehog in Toby Wood's garden.

“We haven’t given it a name because we don’t know what sex it is. We were thinking of calling it Gareth but now we’re not so sure!”

In a response to all of the interest the hedgehog has received, he joked on Twitter: “Statement from hedgehog: I would like to thank all my supporters for their concern and wish to reassure everyone that I am safe, happy and dry.

“I am also glad that I am a hedgehog having seen some of the unacceptable behaviour at Wembley on Sunday evening.”