Number of black and white TV sets being used in Peterborough revealed

There are still 17 black and white television sets being used in Peterborough, new figures reveal.

Thursday, 14th November 2019, 10:30 am

While the figure fell by two compared to the previous year, there are still more than a dozen people taking advantage of the reduced TV licence cost for using the older technology.

Across the UK the number of black and white licences has declined considerably over the years. There were 6,586 black and white TV licences in force at the end of September 2019 - a fall of 575 compared to the same time last year. In 2000 this figure stood at 212,000.

A licence is still needed to watch live TV and stream BBC programmes on iPlayer on a black and white TV or monitor and costs £52. But, if they are used to download BBC programmes on iPlayer or to record any live TV, then a colour TV Licence is needed.

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B;ack and White TV

Rachel Roberts, spokesperson for TV Licensing in the East Midlands, said: “When BBC One launched its colour TV service in November 1969, there were only three channels available. Fast forward to 2019, and more than half of TV households have in some way an internet connection to their TV and access to hundreds of channels.

“Whilst only accounting for a very small proportion it’s interesting to know that some households still like to watch their favourite shows on a black and white telly.”