New wheelchair for Maya

Maya at her fundraiser
Maya at her fundraiser
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Over £2,300 was raised for a plucky three-year-old to help her get a new lightweight wheelchair.

Maya Ratcliffe of Drybread Road, Whittlesey, was diagnosed in the womb with Spina bifida and hydrocephalus and was not expected to survive being born.

But thanks to a petanque fundraiser at The Vine in South Green, Coates, the order of a new wheelchair is imminent which will allow Maya to keep up with her friends.

Unfortunately the rain swept in for the event, but Maya’s mum Fay Dovey said: “Despite the horrific weather the day was a great success!”

Maya’s family have also raised over £1,000 for charity Shine with more fundraising events to come.

Shine helps families and individuals affected by spina bifida - a fault in the development of the spine and surrounding vertebrae which leaves a gap or split in the spine - and Hydrocephalus, a condition where fluid accumulates around the brain.