New team for RAF Wittering’s air cadets

Flt Lt Dan Cook
Flt Lt Dan Cook
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A new liaison team working with RAF Wittering’s air cadets has been appointed - made up of former members of the cadets.

Flight Lieutenant Dan Cook (31) of No. 3 Mobile Catering Squadron has been appointed to the post of Air Cadet Liaison Officer (ACLO). Dan is responsible for co-ordinating RAF Wittering’s activities in respect of affiliated Air Training Corps (ATC) and Combined Cadet Force (CCF) units. He is also the point of contact for the Sea Cadets and Army Cadets.

This is going to be a challenge, but a hugely enjoyable one.

Flight Lieutenant Dan Cook

ATC activity at RAF Wittering reaches a peak in the summer, when hundreds of young people participate in camps, enjoy challenging adventurous training, team activities and experience an appropriate level of Royal Air Force life.

Joining Flight Lieutenant Cook in his new role is Squadron Leader James Gelnar, RAF Wittering’s -Senior Medical Officer who, besides his medical duties, is the Senior Air Cadet Liaison Officer (SACLO).

The role is largely supervisory, and is a backstop for the ACLO when managerial support is needed for particular ATC projects and activities. Military business, however, is permanently at the top of the priority list and must always come first.

Flt Lt Cook said; “This is going to be a challenge, but a hugely enjoyable one. Sqn Ldr Gelnar and myself were both air cadets and I think having that familiarity, seeing at first hand what a positive experience it can be, will really help.”

RAF Wittering Station Commander, Group Captain Damian Alexander said; “I believe that cadetship can be of immense value to young people, it instils clear understandings of responsibility, service and team work.”

He continued; “Having Sqn Ldr Gelnar and Flt Lt Cook, both former air cadets, in our liaison team can only be helpful. It is not without significant challenge, but they are both good officers and will use their experiences to make the ATC season at RAF Wittering truly memorable.”