Mum in labour given police escort to Peterborough maternity unit after tractor parade hold up

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An expectant mum and dad were given the ride of their life when they needed a police escort to get to the maternity unit - after they were held up by a tractor parade.

Paul and Amy Fisher were desperately trying to get from their home in Market Deeping to Peterborough City Hospital on Sunday morning after Amy had gone into labour.

Paul Fisher with wife Amy, daughter Sky (2) and new baby Kylo

Paul Fisher with wife Amy, daughter Sky (2) and new baby Kylo

However, the couple were stopped on their journey by the Newborough Young Farmers Club’s tractor parade - featuring dozens of the slow moving vehicles.

However, thanks to quick thinking police officers, they made it on time for baby boy Kylo to be born.

Paul (37) said: “We were on the A15 when all of a sudden there was a big traffic jam. We were completely blocked in - Amy was on the floor in agony. I saw flashing blue lights by the roundabout and thought there had been an accident - I didn’t know what to do.

“Then a couple of tractors came past, and Amy said she thought there was a tractor event on.”

Paul tried getting out and waving but couldn’t get the attention of the police - until he flagged down a motorcyclist who alerted the officers.

The police then came down the queue and said they would given them an escort to the hospital, clearing the traffic.

Paul said: “The officer told us to follow him and he sped off - we went through red lights and I had trouble keeping up. I said to Amy this will be a story to tell, but she was in the footwell screaming. “

While Paul enjoyed the ride, saying ‘it’s every boy’s dream’, Amy (31) was not so keen. She said: “I was very relieved we were moving, but Paul was definitely enjoying it more than me.

“My friend gave birth in a lay-by and I thought we were going to be in the same situation.”

Kylo - who was two weeks premature - is now home and getting to know sister Sky (2).

Paul said: “The police who helped us are our heroes. “

The Newborough Young Farmers posted on social media to say they were delighted to hear the family had made it to hospital in time and Kylo was safe and well - adding: “Think we know who will be cutting the road run starting ribbon next year!!!”