MP calls for action to repair footpath between Bury and Upwood

MP Shailesh Vara
MP Shailesh Vara
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Shailesh Vara has called for action to be taken to repair a footpath between Bury and Upwood.

Mr Vara, Member of Parliament for North West Cambridgeshire, has expressed his deep disappointment at the lack of action by Cambridgeshire County Council on repairs to the path.

Mr Vara, along with local residents, including Graham Hillman, met with transport officers from Cambridgeshire County Council on July 30 to view the damaged footpath and agree the way forward, with the Council agreeing that the necessary work would be carried out.

However, three months on and with the repairs remaining outstanding, Mr Vara is pressing the Council to honour its obligations.

Mr Vara said: “I am deeply disappointed that the repairs to the footpath agreed with the Council in July have not been carried out. A commitment was made to me and others at the meeting and three months on the work remains outstanding.

“Whilst I recognise the challenges that reductions in funding have created for the Council, it is important to remember that money is still being spent and I, together with many local residents, feel that Upwood is a deserving case and the work should be carried out.

“I very much hope that the repairs will be carried out as soon as possible.”