Motors: New lease of life for SsangYong’s Rexton

SsangYong Rexton W
SsangYong Rexton W
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Improving car maker SsangYong has given its Rexton 4x4 a new lease of life with a series of welcome updates.

What’s new?

This is a major refresh of SsangYong’s workhorse Rexton 4x4, with the firm adding a ‘W’ on the end just so you don’t forget. It remains a conventional 4x4 underpinned by conventional technology and, apparently, that’s the way the buyers like it.

To recap, the Rexton offers buyers a genuine all-terrain experience at a price for the man and woman in the street. The trade off is none of the bling you get with a Land Rover product, but at least you get to keep almost all the contents of your bank balance.

That thorough refresh amounts to a new, softer exterior look, updated cabin plus heaps of kit and, crucially, SsangYong’s own 2.0-litre diesel engine replacing an older Mercedes unit.

Looks and image

There’s no question that the exterior revamp has done a good job of softening the Rexton’s appearance. It’s now more ‘lifestyle’ than workmanlike, although the latter is likely to remain the view of its prospective customers considering that they’re more likely to get cars muddy than your average soft-roader owner.

And that’s the difference with SsangYong owners and the brand. It’s still very much a company pitching at folk who need to make full use of the products’ abilities. It might be off-roading, towing or a combination of the two, and it can all be done with confidence.

Space and practicality

The Rexton W is a big bus but that’s part of its appeal. In seven-seat trim the 4x4 can double as a people carrier, or you can make full use of its capacious load area for more than just the weekly shop.

There’s ample room wherever you choose to sit and there’s no shortage of storage space for your clutter, such as mobile phones, drinks, maps and the like. And in raw practical terms the Rexton’s full-blown 4x4 system is, for many, just as important as the size of the cupholders. Switchable between two and all-wheel drive, you also have the option of a low ratio mode to further boost traction.

Behind the wheel

This is where the Rexton W’s size can prove an advantage, as you sit high up thanks to a commanding driving position. The car’s big steering wheel protects you from the inevitable kickback you’ll experience when off-roading.

Sticking with the road for the moment, the Rexton W delivers a measured and predictable driving experience, that’s perfectly acceptable considering the car’s dual-purpose roll as proper off-roader. It goes, stops and steers as you’d expect, with the going bit helped considerably by SsangYong’s in-house 153 horsepower diesel engine.

Off-road the Rexton W is a mighty tool capable of plugging though mud with ease. Although 2.0-litres might not seem like enough to keep you out of trouble, the plucky diesel unit delivers ample amounts of power and torque. In five-speed auto gearbox guise – there’s also a six-speed manual – the experience is straightforward, too.

Value for money

Few cars can match the abilities of the Rexton for the asking price. It’s a genuine dual-purpose machine capable of hauling a considerable load, sliding safely through slippery terrain and accommodating a big family – all at the same time. Kit 
levels are high, think Bluetooth, cruise control and air-con for starters. You’ll need to spend big bucks on a premium alternative to match the Rexton W.

Who would buy one?

If you’re a rural dweller seeking a tough but presentable workhorse that can double as a comfortable family 
wagon, the Rexton W is for you.


Model: SsangYong Rexton W 2.0 EX Auto, £25,995

Engine: 2.0-litre diesel unit producing 153bhp and 265lb/ft of torque

Transmission: Five-speed automatic driving all four wheels

Performance: Top speed 108mph

Economy: 36.0mpg combined

Emissions: 206g/km of CO2