Mother charged 40p flat rate for SINGLE CARRIER BAG from Asda delivery

Asda EMN-150313-170326001
Asda EMN-150313-170326001
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When Maranda Baker ordered her Asda delivery she ticked the 40p carrier bag rate expecting a few bags to hold her shopping - but when it arrived, she had just one bag and the other items were loose in crates.

Ms Baker had not ordered a large shop, just a selection of around 15 items – including sausages, fresh vegetables and some heavy drinks products – costing £32.63 - expecting that she would get around three or four bags with her shopping organised into each.

These are the items Miranda Baker bought.

These are the items Miranda Baker bought.

However, she was disappointed to receive the single plastic bag and the rest in around three separate crates.

The controversial carrier bag charge for larger employers came in at the start of the month - with stores charging 5p for every carrier bag used.

Ms Baker said: “I was a bit annoyed really because for 40p you could expect at least seven or eight bags with the 5p charge.

“I would have expected when my shopping came to all come in bags, especially when I have paid for them.”

Ms Baker, of , says she doesn’t mind the 5p charge itself and often shops at Lidl and Aldi, which charged for bags prior to the change in law.

She said she hadn’t made a direct complaint to the Boston store from where the order was made due to the cost of a call effectively nullifying the 40p rate.

She added: “I will be shopping with Iceland for future reference, because they only charge 25p and always bag.”

Asda has told The Standard they will look into the case and we are awaiting comment.