Most popular baby names revealed

News from the Peterborough Telegraph -, @peterboroughtel on Twitter
News from the Peterborough Telegraph -, @peterboroughtel on Twitter
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The most popular names for babies born in Peterborough during the past year have been revealed.

The most popular name for baby girls registered in 2012 was Amelia, used 80 times, followed by Lily and Isabelle.

The most popular boy’s name once again was Mohammed, used 97 times, followed by Harry in second place and Charlie and Oliver in joint third.

Amelia rose from fourth place last year to take the top spot in 2012.

Lily fell from first place in 2011 to the second most popular girl’s name in 2012.

Isabelle remained the third favourite girl’s name and Sophie fell from second place in 2011 to fourth place this year. Amy, Maisie, Isla, Lexie, Laila and Poppy were all new entries in this year’s top 20.

Mohammed was the most popular boy’s name for the fifth year in a row, followed once again by Harry.

Oliver was once again third place, but this year shared the placing with Charlie. Adam, Alexander, Archie, James, Jayden and Oscar were new additions to the top 20 this year.

The full top 20 names, including variant spellings, are:

Boys - 1 Mohammed, 2 Harry, 3 Oliver/Charlie, 5 Jack, 6 Jacob, 7Adam/Alfie, 9 Ethan, 10 Alexander/James/Joshua/William, 14 Finlay/Thomas, 16 George, 17 Oscar, 18 Archie/Daniel, 20 Isaac/Jayden/Riley.

Girls - 1 Amelia, 2 Lily, 3 Isabelle, 4 Sophie, 5 Grace, 6 Olivia, 7 Emily, 8 Jessica, 9 Chloe, 10 Amy/Maisie/Isla, 13 Evie, 14 Holly/Lexie/Poppy, 17 Mia, 18, Ella/Laila, 20 Ruby.

Ruth Hodson, Registration Manager for Peterborough City Council, said: “We have seen a few new names enter the top 20 lists this year but we have found that the top five names for boys and girls are very similar to last year.

“We continue to see an increase in popularity in traditional names.

“Bets are already being placed on the name of the Royal baby in 2013 and it will be interesting to see whether this is reflected in our top 20 next year.”