Meerkats to be introduced to Peterborough in Simples tribute

A meerkat
A meerkat
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Meerkats are set to be introduced into the wild in Peterborough in a Simples tribute to one of the city’s most famous exports.

The cute creatures will be released at Ferry Meadows to start a new population in England following on from the success of the Compare The Market adverts, featuring Oleg the Meerkat and his fictional family. Compare The Market’s parent firm, BGL, is based at Lynch Wood in the city.

The plan to bring the mammals to the city from their native Africa is being helped with a delivery of 14 tonnes of sand from Hunstanton beach to create their ideal habitat.

Olof Lipra, from Animals in Parks Relocation and Integration LTD said: “Peterborough is the ideal place for a new gang of meerkats to be introduced.

“With the addition of the sand from the coast, we will be able to ensure they have the perfect terrain to live and survive.”

Special rangers will be employed to keep an eye on the animals in their new habitat while they settle in - and to keep them away from dog walkers in the park.

The area where the new population will live will be renamed Frail Pool, and it is thought the first dozen animals will be introduced on April 31 this year.

As many of you realised, this was an April Fools story