Man spots ‘flying saucer’ above RAF Wittering

RAF Wittering
RAF Wittering
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A man from Stamford has reported seeing an ‘unusual’ object hovering in the sky above RAF Wittering.

Alan Hewett, from Brooke Avenue, Stamford, spotted the ‘flying saucer’ above RAF Wittering at around midnight on Thursday.

Alan reported seeing a bright light from his kitchen window which overlooks the air base at Wittering. Alan went and got his binoculars to have a closer look and reported seeing a ‘flying saucer’.

He said: “It was round in shape and very big - with lots of different lights. Strange things happen. I could tell with my naked eye that it wasn’t a star.”

Alan reported the incident to the police to alert RAF Wittering. A spokesperson for RAF Wittering said the RAF are not aware of any unusual aircraft activity at that time.

Did you see anything suspicious on Thursday night? Let us know by e-mailing or telephone 01780 758960.