Magic of Frozen inspires poorly five-year-old

Frozen fan Xanthe Reed of Stilton
Frozen fan Xanthe Reed of Stilton
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It’s enough to thaw a Frozen heart - meet the five-year-old with debilitating seizures who loves the smash-hit film so much that it inspires her to fight her rare condition.

Xanthe Peacock, who has benign tumours in her brain, kidneys, eyes and skin, suffers from two forms of epilepsy which can leave up her all night with seizures and force her to take rescue medication.

She will be amazed. I cannot wait to see the look on her face.

Rachel Reed

Poorly Xanthe, from Queen Eleanors Close, Stilton, visits three hospitals for treatment for her condition called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, eats a special diet and is involved in a clinical drug trial.

But despite her daily fight to live a normal life, which is currently seeing her tested for autism, her love of Frozen is so strong that it keeps her smiling.

In fact, the pupil at Stilton Church of England Primary School is even known to belt out the film’s blockbuster song ‘Let It Go’ to help her overcome her fear of needles while doctors take blood from her.

And Xanthe is in for a special surprise on May 26 when she will watch the Sing-a-Long-a-Frozen at the Key Theatre as her prize for winning our competition to find the city’s biggest Frozen fan.

However, mum Rachel Reed (40) will have to wait another two months to tell her daughter they will be seeing a live performance.

Rachel said: Because she is mentally delayed, if I tell her we’re going she will think we are going today.

“But she will be amazed. I cannot wait to see the look on her face. She will have big eyes and an open mouth. It will be a whole new experience for her. It will make her year.”

Xanthe will watch the sing-along with her supportive sister Rowan (7).

She first saw Frozen in January 2014 and, despite having a very short attention span due to her condition, she was completely transfixed and soon memorised all the words and songs.

Rachel added: “She loves

it so much she will close a door and sing through it like in the film. If I’m making coffee she will keep asking me until I put it on.

“She will leap from the sofa and say ‘mummy, do Elsa’s eyes.’ The film has also helped her bond with other children and go to parties.

“When she hears the songs it calms her down.”

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