Love is in the air due to plane engagement

The plane with the proposal
The plane with the proposal
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A young couple’s love was written in the clouds when the bride-to-be’s dream was brought to life by her romantic boyfriend.

Kamal Hyman (20) and his fiancé Eliza Doyle (19) became engaged on Saturday in the Peterborough Cathedral precincts - with their love clear for all to see.

Kamal and Eliza. Pics: Christian Woreley

Kamal and Eliza. Pics: Christian Woreley

Kamal, of Apollo Avenue, Cardea had arranged for a plane to fly over the city at 2.30pm, with a banner trailing behind emblazoned with the words ‘Eliza Doyle will you marry me?’

Kamal said: “I really wanted to propose in a unique way. Her dream was for it to be written in the sky.

“I decided to make the ultimate commitment while making her dream come true.

Her mum and family were in on it, and they said they were going on an early Mother’s Day meal.

“Then they walked into the cathedral grounds, where I was waiting with our family and close friends. I got down on one knee and proposed, and she said yes. And that’s when the plane flew over.”

The couple only met less than a year ago, when Kamal, the former Peterborough Youth MP was hosting the Youth Music Awards.

He said: “She was a bartender there. I went to her work the next day to give her flowers. Its not been long, but when you know, you know.”

Eliza, of Mere View, Yaxley, said: “When I was with my mum in town, I said I wanted to go to Starbucks, but she wouldn’t let me go - I was so annoyed.

“When we did go to the cathedral, and I saw all our family and friends there, I didn’t know what was going on.

“Then he got down on one knee. I’ve always wanted the proposal to be in the sky. I didn’t think it was possible, and he apologised at first that it wasn’t in the sky - but the plane was a minute or so late, and then it flew over.

“It was perfect.

“I don’t know how everyone managed to keep it a secret, as they are not very good liars.”

The couple are now planning their wedding, although Kamal said it would not be for a couple of years yet.

He said: “I like calling her my fiancé, so I think it won’t be for a couple of years.”