Letter: War criminality and racism should not be celebrated

Baston in the Blitz 2019.
Baston in the Blitz 2019.

Last October, you kindly published a letter from me in which I drew attention to a photograph from a local 1940s themed event that the Peterborough Telegraph had published.

The photograph showed two re-enactors in German military uniforms bearing the SS insignia, and therefore indicating membership of the Waffen SS.

In that letter, I pointed out that the Nuremberg military tribunals declared the military arm of the SS a criminal organisation because of its direct involvement in committing war atrocities.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, to see in your coverage of the recent Baston 1940s event another photograph of two men in Waffen SS uniforms (“Baston taken back to the Blitz”, 8 August).

Sadly, there are some people in the UK today who cherish and wear Nazi insignias to convey their support of white supremacism and anti-semitism.

I am sure that the two gentlemen in your photograph are not in that category, but simply misguided or poorly informed military enthusiasts.

Whatever the case, I do hope that the Baston 1940s event ensures that next year war criminality and racism are not inadvertently celebrated.

David Head

West Town


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