Letter: Council leader looks at Peterborough through rose tinted glasses

Cllr John Holdich
Cllr John Holdich

I have read Councillor John Holdich’s column in the Peterborough Telegraph every week for months, and although you can tell he has genuine love for the city I do believe he needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

John says every week what a wonderful city we live in but the facts tell a different story.

Schools are overcrowded and funding is at an all time low.

Peterborough City Hospital is struggling to deal with the surge in population and waiting lists for operations are getting longer.

It takes 3 weeks to get a doctor’s appointment, if you’re lucky

Drugs are rife in the city. The police are trying their best but are very much understaffed.

Knife crime is getting worse.

Immigration, John says, is wonderful for the city - but look at the strain it puts on all the services we have.

In Bretton, where I live, you can’t walk down the footpaths – everywhere is overgrown and has not been cut for months, until it nears election time.

There are no-go-areas at night like, Eastfield Road, Lincoln Road, Bretton, Parnwell and the Ortons, due to gang violence.

There’s a housing crisis and so many people are homeless.

People are still going to food banks to survive.

John also says how wonderful the city centre is – well yes, we have the cathedral and if you need a restaurant you can take your pick, but what else is there in the city? I am afraid John is looking through rose tinted glasses. The facts don’t lie.

I am sure John means well but he is so far off the mark. This is a dangerous city and it will only get worse, as a lot of so-called ‘councillors’ bury their heads in the sand, only to be seen at election time, full of promises that are never delivered.

Jamie Wright



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