Lego man hopes to build on Channel 4 documentary

Lego author Martin Guest EMN-150617-151210009
Lego author Martin Guest EMN-150617-151210009
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A Peterborough man is hoping to build on an appearance in a Channel 4 documentary with his new magazine for adult Lego fans.

Mark Guest (41), of Yaxley, has set up two publications about the popular toy - a monthly magazine called Bricks, and a quarterly issue, Bricks Culture.

Lego author Martin Guest EMN-150617-151829009

Lego author Martin Guest EMN-150617-151829009

He appeared in the Secret Life of Lego, which was broadcast on Channel 4 on Sunday night.

Mark, who has been a fan of Lego since he played with the toy as a child, said; “I am a graphic designer by trade. I worked in Peterborough on Max Power Magazine, and kept my love of Lego secret - Max Power was a magazine full of testosterone.

“But I got to the age where I was fed up of keeping my hobby a secret. It is amazing how many people are adult fans of Lego now.”

Mark is currently preparing issue three of Bricks and issue two of Bricks Culture.

The magazine looks at what sets are currently available, as well as news from Lego events.

He said: “I have been working in magazines for 20 years now, and it is nice to do something I’m in to.

“I have a young family who are also into Lego, and it is a very family orientated hobby. It really fits into my lifestyle now, and it is great to be able to do work that means I can see my family.

“When I was a child in the 1980s I had two favourite toys - Lego and Subbuteo.

“I’m 41, and I know its quite old to be into Lego, but it is big business.

“It really started in about 1999, when the Star Wars Lego sets came out. I was a big Star Wars fan, so it built from then really.

“The veil really is lifting now, and being an adult Lego fan is becoming more and more acceptable.

“There are more and more big expensive sets coming out, which are aimed at adult fans.

“Nearly 50,000 people went to the big trade event, Brick 2014 last year.

“There is also the Brickish Society, which is a society for adult Lego fans across Britain, and has many members.

“Lego even have set up their own team to serve adult Lego fans, because it is such a big market for them.”

Mark’s job producing the magazines involves him visiting trade shows and events across the country, and also testing out new kits.

He said: “I build sets to review, and get all the big store exclusives. Last week I built the big Lego Ferris Wheel.

“I also build a lot of custom stuff. I had to build a Lord of the Rings custom set the other week, and am building a big town set at the moment.”

The magazines are available to purchase, including back issues.

Copies of Bricks cost £4.99, while back issues of Bricks Culture cost £9.99

For more information, or to order copies visit