Joy for Peterborough motorist after court win over car park fine

A Peterborough resident who won a stressful court battle against a private parking firm is urging other people to 
follow his lead.

Thursday, 19th September 2019, 7:00 am
Sam Young at the Wentworth Street car park EMN-191109-081540009

Sam Young, who works in the city centre, was told to pay up £100 for parking in Wentworth Street car park, off Priestgate, back in June.

The 26-year-old appealed to Britannia Parking, which had issued the fine, after claiming the ticket machines were not working and that nobody answered when he tried to call the company.

But after the firm refused to rescind the parking charge notice, the project manager took his chances in court despite claiming he received warnings from a Britannia Parking solicitor that he would face legal costs of more than £1,000 and a County Court Judgement against his name should he lose.

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In the end, the gamble paid off as a judge dismissed the private firm’s case at Peterborough County Court.

A delighted Mr Young said: “I would recommend anyone who feels they have been cheated because of faulty equipment, or the inability to make a valid payment, to do the same thing. But keep all records of every single email to and from them in a folder on your computer as it makes it so much easier to build your witness statement.”

He added: “The warning of accumulating over £1,000 of fees and CCJs had a big impact on how I performed at work and my day-to-day life.

“There are hours and days of my life wasted responding to countless emails, all to try and resolve false accusations made by them.”

Britannia Parking said it a member of the British Parking Association’s Approved Operators Scheme and that all of its signs and procedures meet the code of conduct. A spokesperson added: “Wentworth Street car park is operated using an ANPR system.

“It has two machines available for motorists to pay for parking. Customers have the option to pay by coin or card at the car park. We take our responsibilities very seriously, including the need to pursue cases through legal proceedings when necessary.”