‘It’s just nerve-wracking walking onto stage!’ - Bafta winner from Peterborough recalls triumphant evening at awards ceremony with free alcohol, top gift bag and celebrity after-party

David Malinowski and wife Liz at the Baftas where he also triumphed
David Malinowski and wife Liz at the Baftas where he also triumphed
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A former Peterborough pupil has described the surreal moment when he realised he had won a prestigious Bafta.

David Malinowski triumphed for his work on Darkest Hour in the make-up and hair category after spending up to 18 hours a day completing the Gary Oldman’s transformation into former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

David Malinowski with his Bafta

David Malinowski with his Bafta

It could be the start of a huge award double as the former Fulbridge Junior and Deacon’s School pupil is also up for an Oscar on March 4.

On top of that, the 39-year-old has also triumphed in the Online Film & Television Association awards and is hoping for further awards success.

Describing his Bafta win last Sunday, alongside Ivana Primorac, Lucy Sibbick and Kazuhiro Tsuji, David, who was so nervous he could not eat beforehand, said: “I remember seeing my name come up and it was all a bit of a blur.

“All I remember is seeing the presenter say ‘and the Bafta goes to... Darkest Hour’ and there’s the few second delay where you say ‘that’s us!’

I did not really move for a few seconds - I didn’t know what to do.

“It’s just nerve-wracking walking to the stage. There are just thousands of people looking at you. You’re thinking ‘you have got to say something’. You’re emotional, excited and relieved and you have to say something.

“I almost feel like I lost the power of speech. At the time I was so nervous. It was really, really nerve-wracking.”

After the speech David then had to go backstage where he got to pick up his award.

“It’s great but heavy,” he said, “but you don’t want to put it down.

“At all the after-parties everyone wants to hold it and have photographs with it and with you. It gives your arm a bit of a break!

“When you win you then get taken backstage straight away. They congratulate you, you pick your own Bafta up, they take photographs and then do a quick interview.

“You do that for half-an-hour or so, and during that time someone else sits in your seat so it’s not empty.”

But even for those who do not triumph on the night, even just attending the Baftas has its benefits due to the gift bag given to the nominees.

That includes a plentiful supply of alcohol as well as a trip to a vineyard and top of the range coffee maker.

And once the awards ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall was finished the fun was just beginning.

David said: “You leave the Baftas and go to Grosvenor House where you have the meal and everyone is mingling with each other.

“Universal put on an after-party. Gary was there and we celebrated with his wife and children. Mick Jagger, Matt Smith and Kristin Scott Thomas were also there and a few other TV actors.

“They are all so excited and so appreciative - they just love it.

“There’s a bar there where everything is laid on.

“It was just nice to be celebrating with Gary. He was incredibly nervous about whether he would win. It’s nice to be recognised for your work.”

David, who now lives in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, has since celebrated at his local pub with his parents and was returning messages of congratulations when the Peterborough Telegraph called.

Next up for him is the Oscars in LA.

He added: “It will be lovely to get that. It would be the icing on the cake.”


Oscar nomination for ex-Peterborough pupil who turned Gary Oldman into Winston Churchill

Bafta win for ex-Peterborough pupil who turned Gary Oldman into Winston Churchill