Help find Monty a loving home for Christmas

Monty EMN-151222-102857001
Monty EMN-151222-102857001
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Monty, a stunning 18-month old Bengal cat is desperately seeking a new home for Christmas.

Currently being fostered by a volunteer from Wood Green, Monty needs a forever home to roam to his hearts’ content.

Full of personality, he is seeking a home with owners who can understand the needs of this precious breed or are willing to learn with the help of the Wood Green team.

Bengal cats, like Monty are the result of breeding small wild Asian Leopard Cats with domestic shorthairs and they have kept their adventurous, independent streak.

Wood Green’s Cat Welfare and Training Consultant Juliette Jones explains: “Bengals tend to be energetic, territorial and love human interaction. Given the right home they can make incredible companions. “Since he has been in his foster home, I have been working with Monty. He is really energetic and playful cat who will spend hours playing fishing rod toy games or catching balls – he definitely needs to be kept entertained!

“We are desperate to find Monty a forever home as soon as possible, so we would love to hear from members of the public.”

If you feel you can help Monty or want advice about rehoming a Bengal then call Wood Green’s Cat Welfare Team on 0844 248 8181 or e-mail