Heatwave keeps fire crews busy in Peterborough and Fenland as they tackle open fires across the county

Fifteen fire crews were sent to East Anglian Galvinizing LTD. Photo: Terry Harris
Fifteen fire crews were sent to East Anglian Galvinizing LTD. Photo: Terry Harris

Fire crews were kept extremely busy over the sweltering bank holiday as they tackled a number of blazes across the county.

With temperatures believed to have hit 30 Celsius firefighters were out and about putting out fires in the open which had developed.

Two of the fires were on Monday afternoon at around 2pm.

One was in Teal Road, Whittlesey, where firefighters found a gazebo on fire, while the other was in Church Walk, Upton, which required a large number of crews.

The firefighters arrived to find one bailer and approximately 15 acres of cut crop on fire which they extinguished using two hose reels and a small kit.

Both fires were said to have started accidentally.

Moreover, on Sunday at 8.22pm a crew from Dogsthorpe was called to a fire in the back of a garden in Thorpe Road.

This had also been started accidentally.

Meanwhile, there were a number of open fires in Wisbech, as well as in the south of the county, while 15 fire crews plus specialist units from Cambridgeshire and neighbouring counties, alongside police, the ambulance service and the Environment Agency, were also called on Saturday morning to a large blaze East Anglian Galvanizing Ltd in Old North Road in Sawtry, near the A1M.

Following an investigation the fire was said to have been started accidentally as well.

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A Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “We tend to see an increase in calls to fires during spells of hot weather which can result in our crews spending significant time at incidents that could be avoided.

“We’d urge residents across the county to follow our simple tips to help keep themselves and others safe and avoid accidentally needing us to extinguish a fire.”

The tips are:

. Ensure cigarettes are completely out

. Do not throw cigarettes out of car windows onto grass verges or vegetation

. Put disposable barbecues on bricks, do not place then directly on grass, and keep them well away from shrubs. sheds and fencing

. Do not leave glass bottles lying on the ground - the sun’s rays reflect through the glass and can start a fire

. When camping do not leave campfires unattended and make sure it is completely out before you leave it

. Talk to your children about the dangers of starting a fire.