Video: Help Sofia get the treatment she needs

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Peterborough parents Rosetta and Diego Liset have launched a campaign to raise £40,000 for treatment for their autistic daughter.

The Peterborough Telegraph has previously featured the story of Phoenix School pupil Sofia Liset, and her happy but often-uncomfortable life with a severe neurological disorder and regressive autism from a few months old.

Sofia Liset, who suffers from a rare form of Autism, with parents Diego and Rosetta

Sofia Liset, who suffers from a rare form of Autism, with parents Diego and Rosetta

In our photographs the brave youngster looks like a normal little girl, but this is the first video which the newspaper has put together - and perhaps shows her plight more tangibly.

Sofia suffers from various allergies, to both food and chemicals, and her mother said they have to be careful about what she eats and what items are brought into the house.

The 12-year-old is still unable to speak and struggles to interact with other children her age. Her play is limited, often consisting of waving a ribbon for extended periods of time, although new music therapy is helping - as is her time at the Phoenix.

Rosetta said: “She loves her school. She has her moments there, but the staff are wonderful people.

“Phil (Pike) is a fantastic headteacher - they have the facilities their to relax her, and we couldn’t ask for a better place for her.”

Sofia’s family, including sister Daniella (22) and brothers Francesco (18) and Giovanni (15), are desperate for the Oundle Road youngster to receive new bone-marrow treatment in Tel Aviv which might enable some improvement in her life, but they cannot afford the £40,000 needed.

So they are asking for help and are planning various events in the new year, including dog walks and perhaps car washing at the Phoenix School.

Rosetta added: “There are some lovely results coming from the treatment in Israel. My husband and I hope and pray that Sofia will be able to get this transplant, it could change her life forever.

“We are willing to do whatever it takes to make her life better and if anyone could help us I would thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

For more information or to donate to Sofia’s appeal visit or